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I enjoyed my time at AngkorHub. The internet was fast (40+ Mbps) and the people friendly. They just finished renovation this month, so it’s more spacious now! I didn’t live there as I found cheaper options nearby, but if you want to save the hassle of finding accommodation and settling in Siem Reap, AngkorHub can be a great place to live. $28/day for the private room, including your co-working fee and two meals. Printing was easy too. Home cooked food was tasty. They were very accommodating, always took the time to cook separate vegetarian dishes if the food was not vegetarian that day. The only drawback with the food is that it’s not always healthy, albeit usually tasty. It can be greesy (French fries etc.) But even when that happens, you can easily walk down the street for 2 minutes to find delicious and healthy food. The location is superb!

The aircon is not always turned on, it was on on my 5th day there because it was crazy humid hot that afternoon. Sitting outside on a scorching March afternoon may not stimulate your productivity, but early in the morning it’s pretty comfortable to work outside. Free entry for ladies on the international woman’s day! Thumb up 🙂

It’s definitely more transient than Chiang Mai, but it lacks the competitiveness that Chiang Mai’s digital nomad scene has, definitely a more relaxed and more friendly place. No pressure to be a social butterfly at all, which again, is pretty pronounced in CM.