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It’s been quite sometime, but better late than never! Almost a year ago, I went on a trip to Himachal-Dharamkot; my first ever solo trip up north! I had also just gotten into a brand new, coveted job but was then working remotely. The trip also almost coincided with Nomadgao launching their Dharamkot branch, but they were still a few days away from it. With a new job in hand, getting a place with reliable internet connection, was important but was also not an easy ask. I knew how difficult it is to get a decent Internet line up in the mountains! But if anyone could, I knew it would be the Nomadgao team.

I was initially lodging in a different place and was hoping I could shift to Nomadgao, to be able to be worry-free during my working hours, yet be able to enjoy the mountain life rest of the day. The location is also central with easy access to cafe-life of Dharamkot, yet having rooms and terraces that open up to the magnificent views of the Dauladhar range! So I reached out to them cause I’d stayed in their Goa – Villa Nova complex few months before this trip. I felt privileged, as Mayur, Joy, Shahzada, Akash and Priya… their team literally went out of their way, to arrange and get a room ready for me, despite their planned launch being a few days later! And once I moved in, they left no stones unturned to ensure that my stay and work-time there was comfortable. Oh and the rooms were super cosy with views to kill for! If you’re an interior-décor enthusiast, you’ll love the vibe of the place!

During my stay, this one time, I remember I had a very important meeting on one of the mornings. A critical presentation, that I was also slightly nervous about, since it was a new job. I’ll always remember and be grateful for how the Nomadgao team ensured it would go smoothly, by double checking all the connections, making additional arrangements and back up plans, and more than anything else, wished me luck with big smiles on their faces!

It’s not just about the stay and the workspace…. but being around for cafe-hopping to barbecue-nights, from making new friends to discussing life… You literally defined, what a community means ♥️ Home away from home. Thank you Nomadgao team, for this memorable & heartwarming experience for life. Cheers 🙂