Our CJO is on the Go!

Hear about his latest expedition summitting Mun Peak in Himachal Pradesh.

“Mountains makes men humble and strong”
April 4 2022 – Mun Peak, 4610m

Milestones Achieved –
– First technical climb
– First winter and glacier ascent
– First Climbing team to Summit in 2022

This was the most challenging day of my life and by comparison to this experience, the other treks Ive completed were child’s play.

I cried on multiple occasions – from fear and Joy – and upon returning to base camp (after 15.5 hours) dropped to my knees, kissed the earth and started to cry (again)…. Then put on dry socks!

If a thousand climbers attempt to summit Mun Peak, only a few will succeed, and even less during this season (with winter conditions). It’s no joke.

Three other teams attempted on the morning of our ascent and failed to reach indra pass – the halfway point to the peak.
The biggest difference between their groups and ours…. True grit and the right guides.

Words cannot express the level of respect and admiration I have for Sachin Pathania Ranjeet Singh Ranjeet, our fearless guides who have tremendous mountaineering expertise and knowledge of the local ecosystems.

As Ranjeet said to me today, mountains make men humble and strong.

Well, I’ve never felt stronger and humbled by the strength of these men… without their support, I would have surely failed (or worse) to summit.

Btw, I’ve had zero technical or winter climbing experience prior to this. The success is proof that anything is possible (to quote Nims Purja) and hope that this achievement inspires others to reach for their dreams as I will continue to do in the Himalaya.

The Spring Summit Seaon is officially underway. This is just the beginning.


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