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Staying at the NYX was a beautiful experience. During those 3 weeks I got to meet the most welcoming and inspiring people. They make you feel like you’re at home. At the NYX, everybody is working together in a very open and respectful atmosphere. You will always find somebody to spent time with or everybody will just sit together and talk / jam/ do yoga / play games / workout / go for a walk or just enjoy a delicious dinner/ lunch etc. .
Being able to see the project evolve was very interesting and I was grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to be a part of it.
The place is situated in paradise away from all the Ubud/Canggu craziness. You’re really able to connect to nature while working on different projects such as their permaculture garden, bamboo construction etc. Apart from these projects I was grateful to be given the opportunity to use my skills in the area of administrational work e.g. event planning.
To sum it up, I think no matter what your strengths are, at the NYX you will find your place as long as you’re willing to contribute to community and be open for new things. Sharing love, combining our knowledge and learning from each other while taking care of our environment is the future!