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Alt_ChiangMai was an experience in and of itself —for me, a life-changing one— which resulted in several long-lasting connections and countless memories being formed.

After traveling for nearly a month and failing to settle and find an appealing place to stay mid-term, I found Alt by chance. From the moment I first laid eyes on the main lobby, I knew that was my place. All of the spaces are beautifully designed and put together, specifically with the idea of serving the needs of what we call digital nomads or remote workers. Just to name a few, the place is equipped with comfortable desks and chairs in all sorts of configurations, a meeting room, two soundproof call rooms, a lounge, a nap room, a kitchen, a roof with fitness equipment, a backyard… The rooms are also creatively designed and very cozy. Each of them features a unique word in a widely-spoken language, which just goes to show how much thought and love went into crafting this place.

Still and all, the community is probably the main highlight here. I doubt one could find such a growth-oriented, friendly, welcoming and open-minded group of human beings elsewhere. Activities are being organised every week, both by Alt and by the community itself and hence there is always something exciting going on.

Besides, the location is excellent, right in the center of Chiang Mai, with plenty of restaurants and stores nearby and the staff is incredibly welcoming and warm.

I enjoyed my stay so much, that one month quickly became two months and, as a result, I didn’t get to see the beach in Thailand, and I have never, not a single time, regretted my decision of extending. Staying at Alt is worth every single penny the monthly package costs. There is simply no place in Chiang Mai that comes close to it.