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I cannot praise the set-up, facilities and people at Alt_Chiang Mai highly enough…

What John and the Alt_team have created is truly special. They’ve managed to make a ‘Co-living’ space feel like a home away from home. I’ve been travelling for a while and seen a variety of different co-living spaces across Asia – but Alt has etched a special place in my heart. The specifics:

– Fantastic (reliable) fast internet
– Comfortable co-working space with ample space, quiet zone and call booths
– SUPER helpful staff who are always at hand for recommendations and advice about how best to make use of your time in Chiang Mai. Special shout out to ‘Top’ and his endless supply of banana crisps 🙂
– One of the most impressive leaders (John) I’ve met not just in the co-living arena, but in everyday business. His propensity to continually strive to improve Alt and enhance the experience for the ‘co-livers’ is inspiring.
– Great community of people. Alt is the largest co-living space I’ve visited and my initial concern was that in a space housing ’30+’ co-livers it might feel ‘cold’ and ‘impersonal’ but I couldn’t be more wrong. Everyone is super friendly, approachable and it genuinely feels like I made some lasting friendships here. Alt helps in connecting co-livers through a range of initiatives like the ‘Family Meeting’ – a forum held once a week for all co-livers to come together and recommend events for the coming week. During my time at Alt these included: 3 ‘family’ quiz nights, a talent show, a Christmas drinks and nibbles evening, zip lining, rock climbing, hiking, too many dinners to count etc. There’s also some structured events held regularly: ice baths, salsa and communal lunches.
– Comfortable rooms – I stayed in the Ensuite plus and Ensuite rooms and both were very comfortable. Excellent beds and the rooms are clean regularly.
– Good coffee shop attached to the building so you can get your morning caffeine hit.

I look forward to catching up with the Alt_team during my next stay in CM and bumping into the Alt-family around the world…