A typical Lofoten night 💥

When all these variables are met:
– the sky is clear 🌌
– it’s dark at night🌠
– the KP value is 1 or higher (geomagnetic activity/sunstorms) 🌍
– the moon is not full 🌚
– you have the energy to stay up at night 😎

Northern lights is never the same, sometimes its a small stripe across the sky and sometimes it looks like the sky is burning.
When it’s the latter, you will understand why the vikings were religious! 😂

For a long term stay at @arcticcoworkinglodge, we can almost guarantee you will see the lights like this.
We know where and when to go, and won’t charge you money for showing it to you! 😆 📸@sylvaincochardphotographe