Konnichiwa to all the cute Nomads out there ❤️🇯🇵❤️ Bim bum. Loneliness is not only a disease which is spreading in our western world, nope. Actually in all hardcore-performanced-oriented societies, just like Japan, young people struggle to find their real life social circles. 👩‍💻✨ No-one wants to talk about, as everyone is busy pretending to be the next 8-figure dropshipping entrepreneur or just trapped by dogma and social expectations. 💲👨‍🎓👰 Anyway, we are happy that @iclick.fr is spreading his hippie approach and #melalifestyle 🇲🇹 to Japan @hafh_theworld 🇯🇵. BONUS: ✨サルも木から落ちる。

Even monkeys fall from trees. Monkeys are pros at tree climbing but even they fall sometimes. It’s a fun way of saying that everyone messes up every once and a while, and to not take it too harshly. ✨