Welcome to 🐰🎮The Rabbit Games Residency Team 🐰🎮

@kelly_vero_author we are absolutely thrilled to have you on the jury 👩🏻‍🎤

Kelly Vero is coming with profound credentials: she has crafted a career in game development for 30 years and has worked on some of the world’s most famous franchises. Working at the top flight of video games has presented an increasing demand for understanding the #gamification of concepts in other verticals from #fashion to #entertainment. 

She loves pushing technology to its emergent edge through education, sustainability, and imagination. Kelly works around these verticals to educate, produce and develop the growth of new technologies in a changing world.

Kelly has worked on a wide range of games: including the @tombraider, @transformersofficial and @candycrushsaga, she has worked with @adidas, @filaeurope, @puma Group and on various @lvmh projects for gamified products and services

Currently, she is the technical co-founder of the world’s first metaverse for children: @aequaland

What is the Rabbit? https://Coconat-Space.vom/the-rabbit

The Rabbit Games Residency is funded by @medienboard 🙏🏼

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