Matthieu Zeilas

French – Digital nomad & founder of Lucky Paradise Coliving in Mallorca

Hi guys, I’m Matthieu Zeilas and I will be your ambassador in Mallorca 🏝🏞🌞 I’m also a digital nomad, I’m working remotely from the beautiful Mallorca Island! I can’t wait to meet you once you will be here🤗 Today we are also writing the new chapter of @cocohub_community, the worldwide decentralized digital nomad community, and they chose me to represent them for coordinating their digital nomad network in the Balearic Islands, so a great adventure is waiting for us all over the year with plenty of events with like-minded people on the Island!!! 💯💯💯
I started Lucky paradise brand and its first coliving-coworking Villa in Mallorca to support remote workers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and deliver them a nice place to be for their next remote work experience! We enjoy plenty of time to live, work and connect with other like-minded people: feel free to join me, I will be your host, whether it is to find new friends on the island or look for a great place to live and work! ❤
By the way, if you’re looking now for a bit of support for start&grow your online remote business feel free to join my FB support community group, we have plenty of free webinars, feel free to interact and ask for help, we’re here for that! Keep rocking and can’t wait to meet you soon!!!
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