Nina Virtuoso
NOMAD (CoCoHub Malta)

Italy – Copywriter

Hello there!
My name is Nina and I am a copywriter from Italy, born in 1982. Curiosity, enthusiasm and passion are the three words I use to describe myself. I quit my job in 2015 and I have started a slow journey around the world, from South America to Asia, and I’m still jumping from a place to another one 🙂
I love Asia, especially India and Nepal, and that’s why I have studied sanskrit and hindi at the university and I love to travel from Patan to Pondicherry anytime I can.
I have spent my last 3 years in Indonesia, and now I am travelling around Europe.
My favourite colour is green, I love cats, chocolate and people who make me smile.
Best experiences of my life?
1. 5 months of volunteering in Nepal after the massive earthquake occurred in 2015
2. Travelling the world with Workaway (I’m a Workaway ambassador, and I love it!)
3. I have managed for almost three years a coliving in Bali, hosting almost 90 people from all over the world