I was born in 1990 in Brazil and live as a digital nomad in Europe. I hold a BSc in Electronics Engineering from the University of São Paulo, and a MSc in Computer Engineering from the Federal University of Goiás (both in Brazil). I work with Embedded Linux, specializing in cross-compilation with the tools from OpenEmbedded and Yocto Project.My grandfather used to do amateur radio chats with friends from Portugal, which fascinated me with electronics early on in his life. As a teenager, I learned web-design to host Counter Strike 1.4 maps I used to create as a self taught geek. During my years in Academia I worked with Graduate Research in Biomedical Engineering and later in CyberSecurity.In my late 20s, I worked in the transportation sector in Brazil (Road Traffic control) and Europe (ADAS). After falling in love with Free Software in college, and subsequently Distributed Ledger Technologies in 2016, I started to look for ways to bring DLTs to the Embedded Linux universe. This led me to join the IOTA Foundation as an Embedded Software Engineer.I like spending my free time reading books, exercising, listening to JRE and other interesting podcasts, practicing the Wim Hof Method, and having meaningful interactions with my loved ones.e-mail: bernardo.araujo@iota.orgtwitter: @bernarrrrdolinkedin: