I am a software developer with 10 years of experience working with IBM and at present working as a freelancer. During these 10 years I have worked on authored a book on python programming and have authored several articles. During my job tenure I have worked on various documentation such as creating HLD, LLD, user manuals, instruction manuals etc.At present I have written articles for various clients on Upwork and on variety of topics. I have written articles for CEOs,CTOs, CFOs, Technology evangelists and general public. I have written articles on topics related to AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Programming, data science, Quantum Computing, analytics, digital transformation and mechanical engineering.I can perform research and draw inference quickly, and write for different types of readers. Given my software technology background, I am quite comfortable with any technical topics or terminology. I am looking forward to proof/copy/content editing tasks where I may continue to utilize these skills as well as get the satisfaction and opportunity, when appropriate and as required by the job, for creating original content.