I’m 38 (although still feel like 28) and have been traveling a more or less nomadic, self directed life since I was young and started making money on the internet in the 90s. As far as skills, I’m a hyper generalist, good at anything in the marketing realm, especially where it comes to pull marketing and creative instigation, creating and amplifying trends and social and economic movements.In the last decade, I have been heavily involved in the sharing economy, writing a book on the topic, and hosting over 100 events with early founders, employees, and users of all the major platforms.The past 3+ years, I have been working at the intersection of the sharing economy and blockchain technology, with a small boutique storytelling agency in early ICO days to now working on business development and partnerships like pilots and proof-of-concept with enterprise and government.As far as things I love and light me up: spirituality, wine tasting, working out, writing, hosting dinner parties, backpacking, personal growth, investments, crypto, and leading a life that’s self-directed/manifested, coloring outside the lines.