Hello, my name is Chiara and I am a travel designer. When I started working while traveling, terms such “smart working” or “digital nomads” were not as common. I moved abroad in my early twenties and I had the luck of finding a job in a forward-thinking Berlin based start up. With them I got my first home office job that paid for my university in Sweden. Gradually the nomadic lifestyle became a second skin but I really become a digital nomad after I lived in Santiago del Chile. There I fall in love but time run out on my visa. Once I have been defined as “faithful in time and space” and I focused my efforts in cutting distances between Italy and Chile. I did not want to move to Santiago permanently so I invented my self as a travel designer, expert in Latin America. What job would suit me better? I started working as a freelancer for several South American tour operators and achieve my goal to work wherever I wanted. Eventually I got my heart crushed, but I ended up with the best job possible.