San José, Costa Rica 1990. Andrea Monge is a performing artist interested in the design of experiences, new technologies and the use of different languages. For more than 14 years she has actively worked in the professional scene with various companies of recognized trajectory and with her own projects under the pseudonym lachicadelaroncha. Her works have been sent to different countries in America and Europe, among which are: Building the Wall, a show declared of cultural interest by the Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica 2018; Ateo Dios, fund IBERESCENA 2011 and La Plancha, fund LAB.ESCENA 2019. In the commercial field, she was part of the dance corps of the renowned singer Juan Gabriel and the Circo Atayde M.R., in addition to participating in various audiovisual projects. She has produced for several institutions, including: the Teatro Popular Melico Salazar, Teatro Universitario of the Universidad de Costa Rica, the Centro de Producción Artística y Cultural of the Ministry of Culture and the Teatro Nacional of Costa Rica. She studied Theater at the Escuela de Arte Escénico of the Universidad Nacional of Costa Rica and Dance at the Conservatorio el Barco. She was recently an artistic residency with the consolidated Mexican company ASYC / El Teatro de Movimiento.