I was born at a very young age.I am a passionate social entrepreneur.Professionally I would consider myself an experienced learning & development professional with additional core competencies in strategic consulting and innovation. Underlying my personal and professional narrative has always existed a fundamental passion for utilizing innovative ideas and resources to change the world in meaningful, tangible ways.In my early adventures, I expressed that passion through the non-profit and international relief sector, co-founding my first non-profit at the age of 20 in response to the 2005 Asian tsunami. Since then I have been incredibly fortunate to travel to over 25 countries, engaging in international relief and development projects. That experience coupled with a natural proclivity toward entrepreneurship later grew into dreaming up ways to grow healthy, for-profit businesses that also, happen to address some of the most pressing social and human rights issues of our time.Along the way I’ve been fortunate enough to start several businesses, coffee shops, clothing companies and the like, some were successful, others were not and I’m happy to say I’ve learned more from the ones that weren’t.Through all of my experiences and professional wanderings, I discovered an accidental passion; training & consulting. It turns out that the same thing that made me passionate about solving large social problems is the very thing that most businesses, teams, and many people are missing to some degree; narrative. I’ve learned over the course of my career that the most basic need is never money, power, or fame but narrative if we don’t have a compelling narrative we are bored, disconnected, and often dangerous humanity. If that is true on a personal level, it’s true on a corporate level as well. Training and strategic consulting have served as incredible outlets to help both individuals and businesses of all sizes identify their compelling why and learn how to practically harness the transformative power of narrative.