Enthusiastic, self motivated career-change developer with a growth mindset and a background in management. I enjoy challenges and solving problems, and I love a creative environment, where I am able to intellectually express myself and grow both professionally and personally.After having spent a few years as a production manager in a production company, I decided to switch to a job in retail store management. After a few months, I realised that I really haven’t made a change. I wanted something more, something that would make possible for me to express myself creatively, a job where I could use the full capacity of my brain, where I could constantly learn and improve. I researched the job market looking for a type of job, that would allow me to solve different kind of problems using my brain and get payed for it, and I discovered coding. I did a few tutorials and after a few months I quit my job, moved to Amsterdam in June 2020 and just in three months I graduated the Codaisseur Academy. I am now able to build full-stack web applications.