Digital Strategist and Innovation.I graduated in the Digital Strategist course at ITS ICT Piemonte in order to transform my passion into my work. I like to set KPI, develop strategies, study and understand the limits of each field in order to design and carry out transversal but targeted growth processes.I am curious, i always try to understand every mechanism that regulates the many areas with which I am confronted every day in order to assimilate useful and adaptable information to other contexts. I am aware of asking a lot of questions, but there is a valid reason!My main soft skill is discipline. I firmly believe that at the beginning of a professional path, a phase in which confusion is legitimate, having a constructive attitude can only help develop skills.I am a dynamic and enterprising person. In my free time I like to study and deepen issues related to the world of finance, entrepreneurship and, specifically, cryptocurrencies. I play Table Tennis at a competitive level!