My whole life changed when I was 16 as I learned coding from my bedroom, working as an independent developer. It took a big turn three years later when I founded a digital agency: Talents Nest.I have been a full-stack Web developer capable of coding absolutely anything on the web — and by the way, I love eating code. I’ve also been a designer with experience in logo creation, mockups and UI/UX design, and creative branding. I’ve handled dozens of ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Youtube, and more. I’ve been creating sophisticated social media strategies for businesses and brands of all kinds, helping them hack their growth on social media (especially Instagram) with creative writing, deep linking, AI, and automation. Big social media lover here.I had the opportunity to manage more than 40 young talents – mostly marketers, developers, designers — during my four years as CEO where I handled more than 100 projects, sometimes 25-30 simultaneous ones. I trained in management, HR, Administration, business strategy, and I consider myself good at pitching. My approach relies on emotional intelligence.In addition to Website Development, I have been a scraper, developing and educating bots to grab data somewhere at large scale, interpret it, and use it for cross-platform retargeting, automated lead generation, and building audiences, and email marketing.What ICRC says about me:“Based in Geneva, Stefan always had a passion for writing. He started as a blogger when he was 13, then learned coding three years later. As an independent Web Developer, Stefan specialized in building bots, large-scale data collection, and create beautiful and high-converting websites from scratch. He served 100+ businesses as a Developer, Graphic Designer, and Digital Marketer, accelerating and activating brands with his growth-hacking skills. He eventually ran his award-winning digital agency “Talents” for four years before joining the ICRC as a polyvalent Digital Officer.”