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Stayed here for a month and a half and quite enjoyed it. The location and views can’t be beat – phenomenal views of alps from each of the rooms I stayed in. Kitchen was fairly well equipped, but definitely due for a fresh round of pans as previous colivers had worn the current ones out with misuse. There was a great community of people there that all did activities together, shared meals, and looked out for each other. My only real disappointment was with the volunteers that were left in charge when the owners went away for a month. They were very young and immature, and often were the ones breaking the noise rules instead of enforcing them, more than once partying with loud music until 3am during weekdays. It may have just been the group that was there when I was, but it was definitely more of a party-in-the-alps vibe than I cared for.

Edited to add:
Jelena did reach out to apologize, and clarified that her intent has always been to keep Cloud Citadel from being a party house, so I think it was mostly just bad luck of timing and personalities. I will certainly be going back, and highly recommend that anyone reading this does so, as well!