Say hi to Arianna and Fabien.

We said that we love it when people choose our place for their holidays/workations and we love it even more when they decide to come back. In this case is worth double. Why? Arianna is Italian, she loves and follows any kind of sports with passion, Fabien is French and he works in the Formula 1, sports are their passion and life. They came here for the first time last year, during the European Football Championship. And you all know what happens when Italians and Frenches watch sports together! Well, this primordial attitude stopped immediately while we were preparing the barbecue in the garden and watching the first 6 minutes of the game. Why, you ask? Because humanity evolved in the last 30 years and we left these attiutudes behind us? Not at all of course, but because at a certain moment our Head of state Sergio Mattarella appears on screen together with a beautiful blond woman and we started speculate on who she was: a lover? His daughter? His assistant? Fabien and Arianna were laughing and after a minute of disbeleif Arianna said: “That’s Valentina Vezzali, gold medalist in fencing and italian politician, and she’s actually from Marche.” After that, all us Italians and Marchigians stopped talking, and started watching the game silently, enjoying our hamburgers, feeling extremely stupid. In that exact moment I thought: “Ok, we’re idiots and they’re never coming back again!” Apparently I was wrong.

Humanity never stops to amaze us, this time in a good way. See you next year I hope.

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