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My trip to the Coworking Villa in Madeira was truly amazing and I can highly recommend it!
The villa had everything you could ask for, big kitchen, nice living area, good rooms with desks, game room, coworking space with monitors and a nice terrace and garden to work outside in the sun, etc. I felt really lucky to have so many great people there too to connect with and do stuff together – the atmosphere was super supportive and fun 🙂 Our trips were mostly flexible, sometimes we decided a day before where we want to go the next day. I love hiking, so Madeira was the perfect spot.
Unfortunately, I could only stay a week this time, however, I would love to come back for a bit more time to get this coworking experience again and to explore the island further 🙂 Thanks again to Figo for being such a good organizer and motivator! I would love to meet Kiki next time as well 😉