👋🏽Heey Groovers!! We are still beaming after our 2nd edition of Network & Groove – it was an absolute blast!🎊

🙌🏼Thank you sooo much for your support. We loved dancing with some veteran Kreators again as well as meeting new faces 😁

🙏🏼Heartfelt thank you to all the talented artists involved! Resident @jserraf and a veeery special secret guest @markk___o killed it behind the decks yet again 💿

🏡Thanks to @circles.coliving for joining forces with us for this event so we could all gather in their spectacular rooftop 🌅

🍸Thank you @flava.drink for the amazing drinks🕺🏻

🧞‍♂️This is just the beginning…we are proud of the community we are building together and will be announcing some crazy events veeery soon!🤩

❤️‍🔥 Much love, Karisma team ❤️‍🔥