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I lived in this Conomad Cowork and coliving for 4 weeks in July and unfortunately it was a big disappointment.

I’ve been in 6 colivings before, so I know what coliving should look like. We really can’t speak about coliving here because in Conomad digital nomads live isolated in small apartments in the hotel complex that is full of tourists. There is no place in the complex where nomads can gather together, cook, eat etc.. There is only a rooftop bar, where tourists and maybe even nomads goes. In July there was loud music 5 times a week from 5pm till midnight. Great for tourists, but for someone who has to work in the morning or wants to relax after work, it’s very annoying and after a few weeks you are really looking forward to leave this place.

Cowork – basically a real estate company that sells a large walk-through room to an office kitchen as a co-working space. It’s just one table in the basement. There is no place to go if you have an online meeting, which should be a standard part of every co-working space. In practice, the co-work was empty, because nomads rather worked from their apartment, where they could calmly join the meeting without disturbing anyone.

I see Aida’s comment below and I have to laugh. Aida was an employee/manager at Conomad, she is no digital nomad so her review is biased.

I really do not recommend this place, because it is not suitable for people who need to work and then relax after. (constant music and noise from tourists does not allow this).