✨For the first time in our collective culture, we’ve made the link between connection, community and good mental health. At @masonfifth, we take a rounded view on how and where we can best make an impact, guided by the belief that a life well-lived starts in the place you live ✨@abbi_honey_wolffe ⁠

Grab a cup of tea and have a read through our Managing Director @abbi_honey_wolffe recent piece with Co-living Insights to learn more about the future of living and how @masonfifth are creating homes and communities that focus on the whole system of wellbeing ♻️⁠

We’re creating homes that nurture the physical and emotional health of our communities. From healthy sustainable design to bringing wellness and fitness into the home, from local initiatives that nourish the wider community to very creative approaches to waste, these are environments that do good for people and the planet. Come see for yourself – send us a DM to book in for a virtual or IRL tour 🌒🌙⁠

Link in bio to read more about how @masonfifth are using ‘well-living’ design and sustainability practices to enhance their coliving communities.⁠

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