🌜The recent #NewMoon in Capricorn is a marker for a new new, a new cycle and a new beginning 🌛⁠

Merging both the dark and light, the sun and moon succinctly align in the sky generating new energy and the beginning of your transformation journey ✨⁠

The new moon is an opportunity to choose the energy you want to bring forward into the next month, channel it in a way that’s as individual as you are. But you don’t need to stop there – take this energy into the rest of 2021 if that’s available to you. Keep coming back to this manifestation on days where you’re not quite yourself. ⁠

If you’ve missed it, it’s not too late. You can still set a worthwhile intention, begin something new, make a list … we love to do it all to candle light too 🕯⁠

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