This week we’ve been taking a moment of reflection to figure out our next move. For everyone 2020 is shaping up to be a very different year than expected. By now we’d be into our third month of community building at #TheItalianBuilding but life had a different plan for us ✨⁠

This great pause has taught us a lot. We’re ready to greet this new normal with open arms and make the best out of what we’ve got. There’s a fuckload to be thankful for and don’t we know it. For instance our team, and the energy we have together. Because of all of this we’re closer than ever. ⁠

So next week expect more from us. ⁠

We’re going to be introducing ourselves on this feed over the next few weeks (as we realise we’ve been a little shy). ⁠

You’ll also hear more about the micro-community of heroic #NHS workers who’ve been living in the house during the lockdown. ⁠

And of course, we’ll be telling you all about the plans for #TheItalianBuilding and how we’re adapting our community offering to cater for the more socially-distanced, purposeful and awake world we now all inhabit.⁠

Watch this space 🌒🌙 ⁠

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