Did you know…

A day at Punta la Barca starts with a de-li-cious arepa, empanada, tostado con queso or maduro con huevo 🍳😍?

We have a habit of sharing what’s up at breakfast, creating community between us all which results in the magic of sharing the daily ❤

We’re trying out different plans of cooking together at dinner, which is both inspirational in a what-can-you-make-with-food way, reviving in a social way, and simply time-saving in a practical way 🥑🤗

After 5 years of co-living, we feel like we’re finally starting to find the right balance between community and privacy.

Feel like trying out? Travellers with kids are staying with us right now from January-March and solo travellers are staying from April-June! Get in touch to find out our availability.