Great news 🥰 on this beautifull sunday morning..

We’ve been trying this coliving with families out now for two months. The balance so far:

-I don t see my kids anymore, they re playing the whole day 🤷‍♀️
-I m enjoying and get inspired so much by the adult company.. simply grown-ups knowing what matters in life, experienced parents, knowledgeble in their business, carrying stories of different paths taken..
-Logan, our 5 year old, has started to speak english suddenly
-Tyler, a 9 year old, has found his way into the local fishing culture
-The local kids (and adolescents) still need a warm up to connect… I feel ideas for easier intercultural connection are in the air though 🤗

It kind a feels like how things are supposed to be..

So. We just decided. That after some months back-to-usual (april-june, still place solo travellers, it s the time to get here without kids though with whales and kitesurf around 🌊🌅!!)..

We will dedicate July and August to nomads+kids community again 😍😃🤗❤!!!

Three to five families at the time, living-working together, freeplay environment, local immersion, kitesurf, whales garenteed every day.. More information follows! If you re interested to join already shoot us a message ❤