I remember trying to concentrate on my remote job as a traveler before we started Punta la Barca.

It was cats on my keyboard. Lots of talking Americans next to me. Sun in the screen, wind in the face. Neckpain from working in a hammock. Countless times of changing place because the internet connection had fallen out.

Good I was only doing 8 hours of work a week at the time, cause I was putting double the time in doing this just because of the workplace problem. I couldn’t just get done ‘now’ what I wanted to get done.

So when Punta la Barca got born, some things were very clear:

– We need an back-up system for the internet in case of power outages
– We need various spaces, of which at least one only dedicated to concentrated work
– We need to think about seating
– We need to find a good balance in outside work versus wind, sun and dust
– Good stable reliable internet connection

Now 6 years efficiently working remotely myself, and over 2 years of other digital nomads doing similarly, our workspaces have proven their worth :).

Punta la Barca believes in focusing on your flow/project/work 🎧💻📓😍