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When I first decided to move to LA I did a virtual tour with Haven but decided that living with that many people and not having my own personal space was 100% not for me. Upon arriving in LA and the realisation of how hard and lonely it was living alone I decided to head down and check it out in person two weeks later and realised what a massive mistake I had made. As soon as I walked in I could feel the energy of the space and saw how close everyone was. Fortunately they had a space two weeks later and I moved down. Haven, without sounding dramatic, was hands down the highlight of my entire stay in America and my heart aches when I think of how much I miss all my amazing roomies! Like everything in life it is what you make it. Living with so many people seemed challenging at times but the pros always outweighed the cons and it oddly never felt like you were surrounded by many people. Most people work and have day to day lives so it really is just like living in a massive fun community. The place is stunning and I seriously miss casually strolling out to the yoga studio, gym or my fav, thr rooftops! I’d highly recommend giving this place a shot! I can’t wait to be back over very soon!!