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A truly unique experience in the beautiful Normandy countryside. The Chateau de L’Isle Marie has been in the owner’s family for over 600 years and has only been open to guests for the past several years. We only stayed one night and wished we had stayed two. There was much more we wanted to see within a short distance.

The chateau is surrounded by lush fields that are flooded during the winter which creates the “island” around the property. The entire area is a protected natural preserve. Staying here is so much different from a typical hotel. Nights are quiet. No TV, no phones. In the evening, you sip wine, play cards or relax with a book before bed. Breakfast was well laid-out and plentiful.

For history buffs, the chateau was a key German artillery strongpoint during the fight for control of the bridge at Chef du Pont nearby during the D-Day landings. Several building were heavily damaged or destroyed by U.S. artillery during the battle. Ask to see the GIs names written on the basement walls.