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After reading all of the previous reviews and the website, we booked a room here expecting a really good time.

I don’t normally write negative reviews online, but after this experience, I feel compelled to warn others of what to really expect.

Whilst the community itself was pretty good, For the rates Matt is charging, it was a massive disappointment for a number of reasons.

1. The cleanliness of the communal areas. There were cigarette butts, chewing gum and dusty furniture on arrival at the villa (see pic). No one in our apartment smoked so this clearly just hadn’t been cleaned. To make matters worse Matt asked for extra money to have our rooms cleaned! (Watch out for all the hidden extra costs – in the end we managed to dispute this after a lot of back and forth to get this included..)

2. Mis-representation of the villa – the pool is much smaller than it appears in the photos. There is no meeting room. There are just two open kitchen areas with other guests freely walking in and out, so you can’t take private calls in there. The other option is to take calls in the “meditation room” but this room has no air conditioning. One of the desks is actually a pool table. The website talks about how you can “Live and work in luxury” but in reality, its like “living and working in a student flat” a lot of guests complained about furniture being broken, not having a proper bed, cockroaches etc.

3. Being promised essential things on our initial call that were not delivered. Several times we requested a desk in our room for working but this was not provided.

4. Unfair working practices – I felt uncomfortable when I arrived being introduced to the happiness officer, who was actually an unpaid volunteer. Matt would shy away from resolving problems and pass these on to the happiness officer who in turn was significantly over worked. It felt like the happiness officer was being taken advantage of, working 6 days a week, with not much care for his welfare.

I have to say the happiness officer bought a great sense of community to the house and we met some great, kind people during our stay.

And If we were paying budget rates some of the above points would be ok, but at over Eur 1500 + VAT per month, the whole thing was terrible value for money.

Dealing with Matt was not a great experience, he just didn’t open his eyes and ears to some of the basic issues at hand. Despite trying to resolve some of the issues, Matt failed to make any sort of sincere apology.