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AMAZING!!! NomadGao is WOW! Blew my mind and really outdid my expectations. First of all, being a coworking space 24 hours is rare in Goa from my research (I know completely illogical but it’s reality). NomadGao is by far the most professional coworking space I have seen not only in India but generally around the world (one of the other ones in Goa is literally an outside working space… cause we all know mosquitos are good work buddies… ). The AC is perfect, the space is perfect, the internet is PERFECT! We’re talking 200 mbps here and the router is right there shall you need a cable or something. The coworking space has been bags, has coffee and tea and has a lot of great people. If you’re taking calls it’s fine it’s quiet enough but not too quiet so if you do take calls you’re not bothering ppl. If you are doing video jobs like English lessons then you can get a private room and work in there, Internet is even great there! But book in advance the rooms may already be booked seeing as the place is so great it’s getting more and more popular. The dorm is super cheap and includes the coworking space 24/7. But most of all… the things that amazes me the most about NomadGao are the people. The owners are amazing and the food from the cafe is rare authentic Vietnamese food and soooo good! The whole vibe is so amazing and the community around the place is just WOW! the people you meet here are amazing and fun! Lots of local comere here too. I really suggest anyone working and staying in Goa to come here. Oh yeah and it’s super close to anjuna and lotsa cool restaurants and yoga studios.