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I stayed at Franz&Mathilde for a week in August and had the loveliest time. Even so that I already booked my second stay while I was there.

Philipp and Sarah put a lot of their energy into making us feel at home. From the delicious daily breakfast (what a luxury :)) to the pizza feasts and hiking trips we share together, building the community is at the core of everything Philipp and Sarah do. Plus, no community managers involved: Philipp and Sarah do everything by themselves and join the group often, for morning chats, nature trips or just hanging out and chatting. Makes it feel relaxed and personal.

The décor of the coliving is absolutely gorgeous: minimalism meets jungle vibes meets hygge. From how the place is furnished and decorated, you can tell that Philipp and Sarah have a background in (and eye for) creativity.

The people staying at Franz&Mathilde are open-minded, very kind, and super fun to be around. With nature so closeby (that backdrop!) and close to the hearts of everyone at the coliving, it’s not hard to find a connection.

If coliving in nature with fun and active people speaks to you, I would recommend to book a stay and find out for yourself 🙂