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Rating at 1/5 as our experience with the hotel was very frustrating.

We did a reservation more than a month before arrival date through the official website of the hotel, payed 50% deposit, and got a successful booking confirmation letter on email – and assumed that we are safe with accommodation, so started to get ready for the trip.

But no, just a couple of hours!! before going to the airport we got an email from the hotel, with apologise and information that our booking was confirmed by mistake, and they were not waiting for us. Good luck.
When we approached the hotel in WhatsApp demanding clarifications, we were just told again that there was no place for us (as if nothing really happened and this case was pretty ok), and a name of some hotel from that should be available for our dates (that did not look like a place where I would like to spend my vacation at all, sorry, I would better stay home).

This is where we ended up with Surfescape Beachfront Apartments experience: super stressful situation right before leaving home, looking for accommodation like crazy, no support from the hotel (they even did not check in next day (or ever) to see if we managed to find anything).

Thanks God we found an amazing place to stay, as its owner told us later – someone cancelled reservation at his hotel 10 minutes before we did our, miracle indeed. Rest of the hotels available looked either overpriced or just bad (what else can be expected an evening before arrival – leftovers).

Wasn’t more than a month not enough for you to find out something was wrong? When we did the reservation via your website, the hotel was also available for the dates on AirBnb, so obviously there were places. If you really missed our reservation as you say, weren’t you surprised to see our deposit on your bank account??
Or maybe the reason is that you rather cancel a direct reservation than some done via AirBnb/Booking (even though later than us), because big services would take measures for such treatment, and who cares about guests reserving via you website?