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This was a good hostel – really friendly staff and lots of common areas. They offer free dinner and free breakfast, which is great in theory though the breakfast isn’t really much – just some bread and pastries and coffee/tea. Maybe some fruit if you’re lucky. We only had the free dinner once, and they served us raw chicken… fortunately no one took a bite before we noticed it was raw and the cook put it back in the oven. We could tell she was embarrassed, and she apologized, but it’s pretty dangerous to serve raw meat to guests, so they should be more careful. They also organize a lot of excursions and events, though we didn’t have time to partake in any of them. We stayed in the Farm House, which is a “green” house so they’re all about saving energy (and they have a garden, chickens, and an outdoor shower if you want to use it). They also have normal indoor showers though, don’t worry. One thing I didn’t like was that the sinks were all out in the open, so you have zero privacy while brushing your teeth and stuff. Also my bed didn’t have a fitted sheet, instead they gave me a normal top sheet with the corners knotted together. Needless to say, it didn’t work at all and I woke up laying on the bare mattress a lot, which is pretty gross. The location is just okay – it’s not really near anything interesting, so we ended up ubering a lot.