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(Translated by Google) -john Pathfinder. John Pathfinder-

Rating: 5 stars – worth a special trip, first choice.

2019/12/7 First visit
It is a beautiful living space with a lazy and comfortable layout. The tenants here also come from all over the world. Living here will make people feel relaxed and enjoy. It is like a different world from the surrounding environment, starting from the door. You can feel that this is a very inclusive place.

1. The top floor is a great gathering space, and there are also kitchens and other equipment to use.
2. There is no elevator. Climb the stairs. It is good for physical and mental health.
3. There is a light food bar on the first floor, you can order a glass of wine and enjoy your city life.
4. The transportation is convenient and the surrounding life functions are powerful.

-john Pathfinder.約翰探路-


2019/12/7 初次造訪