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(Translated by Google) Stayed at casa neutral for three days and experienced 100 points! Because there is work that requires a quiet office area, it is completely barrier-free here, and there are small partners from all over the world working together, the power value is +100! If you need a separate office space, there is also a separate room, and then there is a room for accommodation, which is super convenient! The owner Andrea is a very enthusiastic person who is willing to share. He will organize everyone to have lunch together to get acquainted with each other and give us a lot of advice. He also personally took us to visit the nearby ancient town of Grottole, which is like a Disney fairy tale. super cool

在casa neutral住了三天 体验100分!因为有工作需要有安静的办公区域,在这边完全无障碍,而且还有来自世界各地的小伙伴一起办公,动力值+100!如果需要单独的办公空间的话也有独立房间,然后还有可以住宿的房间,超方便了!房主Andrea是个非常非常热情且乐于分享的人,会组织大家一起吃午餐互相熟悉,也给了我们很多建议,还亲自带我们去边上的古镇Grottole参观,是迪斯尼童话中的样子,梦幻且超酷