Terms and Conditions

October 2017

General Terms and Conditions

Anyone using the CoCoHub facilities (hereinafter referred to as Members) must agree and abide by all of the following terms and conditions as outlined below:

1. Members must be respectful of fellow members and refrain from being disruptive, making noise in the designated quiet areas and smoking in non-smoking zones.

2. Membership is for one person only it cannot be shared, borrowed, transferred or refunded (unless CoCoHub has to cancel).

3. Members must not expect other announced members to be present at CoCoHub.

4. Members must not use the facilities or internet access for any illegal activity or break any local or national law.

5. CoCoHub is not responsible for any theft or loss of personal belongings on site.

6. CocoHub reserves the right to refuse access to the space, cancel and refund remaining membership at any time.

Package Terms & Conditions

The service provider CoCoHub Malta and the client and purchaser of the package deal (hereinafter referred to as Member) must agree to the following terms and conditions and as outlined below:

1. The booking deposit for the package paid by the Member is non-refundable and not transferable, it is for the package only at CoCoHub and cannot be used for future accommodation or membership at CoCoHub.

2. If the Member arrives later than the reserved check in date then they can still stay for the full period of time paid for on the condition CoCoHub has space in their accommodation until the new checkout date. Otherwise, no refund can be given for the late period.

3. There is a 10% refund if the Member cancels the booking and CoCoHub cannot find another Member to replace them for the same booking period.

4. If the Member cancels the booking and CoCoHub can find another Member to replace them for the same booking period, the booking will be refunded.

5. The Package Members room and workspace cannot be used in advance or postponed and are not refundable, or transferable to another party.

6. Any damage to CoCoHub property at the accommodation by the Package Member must be paid for at the price requested by CoCoHub.

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