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First of all, regarding price and location, the Selina Camp is a good deal to spend a night in the desert.
The tent is just the way it is described and the view is as you expect it.
The free yoga was also nice, but too loud music playing.
The experience gets marred by the loud music playing the whole day. During our stay there was constant music playing from 8am to 23.15 – of course you can here this sound in your tent the whole time.
Also we had a bad experience in the restaurant. First several dishes were not available, which is ok, but we expect to get this said before ordering, not after. Second we asked to order some red wine, we gave up after asking 3 times, after our dinner, around 60min, we got offered some but refused. Also the startes got served with the main course. The food all in all was decent, it was medium warm and partly burned. No waiter ever had the idea to take any done dishes from our table, we sat with them for around one hour. Same experienced happened with the breakfast, everything sold out. We came to breakfast at 9.30, breakfast is served until 10.30 as we got told. Also a guy from the hotel we never saw told us we did not book breakfast in a very rude way, but we did book it. Same guy told us we had a bill open from the restaurant the day before, although we paid everything, also in a quite rude way.
The reception took hours to get us checked in, same four check out. They told us that the staff is new, which makes it ok, but it this not makes up for the waiting times.
P.S.: the mint tea was very salty, the waiter told us that this is the normal Moroccan way. Fun fact, we never had salty tea in Morocco before.