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Honestly, beware of this place. I will start with the good things, which earned this place one star: the location and comfortable tents. That’s it. The rest is just one huge joke. We had asked for a tent near the main part of the camp, as my fiancée had a leg injury and had to move around on crutches. They gave us a tent at the other side of the camp at the bottom of a hill… Towards the evening, we asked for the tent to be changed, which after a lengthy discussion with the staff, was done. I had chicken tangine for dinner, where the meat tasted reheated and old. The portions were small, so I had to additionally order some fries… Which made me ill, I had to threw up after them (the oil had probably been too old). So that’s the first night. Next day, DURING breakfast, the manager of the place interrupted us and told us that the breakfast was not included in our booking, which was untrue. I told him to check. He never came back. After breakfast, someone came to our tent to tell us that we need to check out. We explained our tent was changed and that we have one more night in the camp. Around midday, while both of us were enjoying the sun, two members of staff came to us again and told us that check out is now. I was just so annoyed by that point, went to the reception and made sure the issue was sorted out. Turns out the change of the room was not communicated… Later during the day we came back to our tent just to realise that there must have been a problem with the main shared bathroom and the smell inside of the tent was simply unbearable. Dinner time, we ordered two beers, hummus, beef tangine and couscous with vegetables. The waiter, while serving the beer spilled half of it on my trousers and bag. Apologized but never offered to bring a new drink. Had to ask for it. Later, hummus came. I dipped the bread in it, had a taste and…. had to spit it out on the plate. It tasted like poison. It was old and rotten. By that point I have had enough. Just wanted to get out of the place. The manager came to our table asking about the food, I told him about the hummus. He came back with two free beers and put them on our table. We had two other, unopened beers on the table. He touched them and said they were not cold enough, so he took them and… NEVER CAME BACK. The next morning, we checked out as soon as possible, had a bite of the breakfast and noticed that the cutlery laid out on the tables was dirty. Remains of eggs and other food on them. During check out, we were informed we had outstanding expenses to pay for. Turns out they wanted us to pay for snacks and two beers we bought during check in and for which we had
paid by cash. The receptionist was very rude and was asking me who I had given the cash to. In the end, they let us go, and what a happy moment that was.

The staff is completely untrained and rude. The cook? I don’t even know what to say. Food tastes like either oil, water or death. To think they charge 50 euros for a lamb shoulder… Whoever has been tricked to order it, I am so sorry.

I wouldn’t be writing this review if this place was marketing itself as a hostely camp and charged third of the price. But they call themselves A LUXURY CAMP. THIS IS A SCAM. I never write reviews for places but this time I just could not not do it. Never, ever again.

They will probably reply to this comment justifying their horrifying service by the fact that they had opened 4 months ago. They will say they will take the complaints into consideration. But there are reviews from 3 months ago on here, complaining about the things that had not been changed.

You need to rethink the way you are running this place, otherwise it will close soon.