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I stayed in AltSpace for more than a month and I wish I could stay longer if not because of my visa validity.

This place made us fall in love with the area and open my eyes to a different side of India. We even considering to settled here!

Located in a strategic place with views directly to mountains, It’s really a beautiful scenery to see every single day especially in the morning and sunset. I like the concept of whole building which made from mud because it feels earthy and homey. Room is really spacious for me and my boyfriend, my giant suitcase, his backpack and our others bags, with there is still spaces to run around. Temperature inside the room is always warmer from outside which is great because we were there on November.

The place is so clean. Co-working space is perfect with backup power and reliable internet connection. No problem with water supply either. They provide 3 times meal and you can always tell them if you want something different. There’s also a small kitchen in the common room for you to make coffee, tea, noodles and easy cook for yourself.

AltSpace is a fascinating place to stay for even longer period, all the people there are so friendly and kind. If there’s something wrong, they listen and rectify. There are also 3 adorable dogs which we love so much and adding another reason to go back there.
I’ll come again to AltSpace in a heartbeat!