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Okay I stayed in this place in December to early January this year. Here’s my experience in this place.

1. The residents were very pleasant and friendly, even on my last day there we did a group photo. Not to forget, there are many fun chats in the evening until the midnight and during the new year. I had a lot of new friends while I was staying here.

2. Many cheap and tasty food places around this place. I mean very cheap, like Nasi Jinggo only for 5K (pork) also dimsum (start 1k – 3k) and the taste of the food are very delicious. So, it’s fun to go on a culinary tour. It is also close to the beach and some famous food places.

3. I really like the design of my room and the very fast internet access. I also love the swimming pool. It’s fun and very safe!

4. I like the workers, Bli Agung – Bli Putu – and Kak Jea are very pleasant and friendly. Even Kak Jea provides information about the nearest church and what time the church begins. Thanks a lot!

5. They are quite diligent to clean my bedroom, so it always looks neat and fun.

6. I fell in love with the view behind this place that you can access in the yoga area, especially at dusk.

7. Since my room was number one and close to the river, then I could enjoy the sound of the river at night and in the morning. Very calming.

8. They have a large and spacious working space. Not only that, there are many electrical plugs available and there are food and drinks sold in this place. So you will not feel hungry when you are working in a working space.

1. When I first went from the airport to this place it turned out that Google maps made me miss because I had to pass through small roads (which I shouldn’t have passed through). And in google maps there are two location points that use this place name. So, it was very designing at the beginning when I was looking for this place.

I love to stay in this place and it’s fun. I spent the holidays, Christmas and birthdays in this place and everything felt good. I don’t mind coming back to stay at this place for a long period of time. Btw, for Gavin thank you for your b’day cake!

Things to know:
1. They don’t have a shower toilet spray, but it’s not a main issue for me but they provide towels that are replaced once every two days.

2. Bring your own toiletries, as they do not provide soap and shampoo.

3. If you are worried about mosquitoes or insect, you can buy Mosquito Repellent Spray. Alfamart and Indomaret are nearby. Remember, you’re in a tropical country.

4. My advice to make it easier for you to go anywhere, don’t forget to rent a motorcycle. If you bring a car then you cannot park in this area. You can park in the alley leading to this place.

5. They provide water, so you can take it for free.

6. Because of this Bali and the land is very fertile then do not be surprised if you see many animals that are quite large than those in the city. Keep in mind once again, this is Bali and consider this a pretty pleasant sight to see although at first you will be surprised. So get used to it.