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Dojo Coliving overpromised and undelivered.

I was looking forward to my stay at Dojo. The website sold the villa well with claims that the villa was within walking distance to the Dojo Coworking space, had reliable and fast wi-fi, and was on a peaceful side road in Central Canggu.

In reality, the villa was rather far from the Coworking space- a 24-minute walk away; the wi-fi was highly temperamental, and the constant construction noise that began at 8 am almost every day made it impossible for nomads who worked late to sleep. We expected a lot more for a room that costs $1100 on average.

Would I recommend Dojo Coliving? No. Whilst the concept was a great way to meet fellow digital nomads, there were too many downsides. I have to say that the cleaners were exceptional, however.