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The place is nice with perfect green view and isolated. Perfect for retreat and relaxing. They performed room service everyday. Which is nice. Laundry service is available for IDR300k for unlimited loads per person throughout the stay. This is very concenience.

Room amenities could be better. TV is not working. May also provide mosquitoes/bugs repellant too, or the electric one. Internet is intermittent. It works mostly but sometimes it didnt.

Sky shale is fine, however , need to provide sweeper/broom or vaccum as dead leaves always dusting the shala.

Pesraman shala downstair is nice causes it is by the river. However I notice there like a remnant of minor landslide at the back/entrance left of the shala, with undulated tiles observed. That indicates proper assessment needs to be done to know the risk of landslide and proper measures need to be done. Alternatively, terrace was used as alternative shala, which totally fine.However, during heavy rains, the floor is wet and flooding. Maybe management can do something about it too.

Foods are all good! The servants are all kind and friendly. Well done.

Classes/programs are nicely arranged with good teachers. There’re also extra good teacher like Prem but we only have 1 class with him unfortunately.

House of Om might also want to improve on giving early and consistent information on schedule and trips. I notice there’re after thought activities (i.e: New year); at first only for add-on-paid-attendee but later changed to all can attend. Also, I thought that, and this is personal opinion, celebration best not combined with outsiders. Small celebration at yoga amertham is more than enough and more meaningful.

Last but not least, despite all the constructive feedbacks above, the overall program is still great and recommended to attend. I would like to appreciate all the kindness and hardwork, shown by the teachers and House of Om management/staffs. I acknowledge their efforts to do their best. I had good time attending all the programs (except for add-on programs) and I learnt a lot of new things. Thank you for the experiences and all your kindness.