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Beware it’s a big tourist trap. If all you want to do is take swing and other Instagram photos, then this might be a place for you. If you want to enjoy the rice terraces, drive a little bit further around the area to see natural rice fields or go about an hour from Ubud to Jatiluwih Rice terraces that are authentic and not as commercialized.

You have to pay for the entrance to enter the terraces. Then if you want to go further, there’s another person at the bottom who won’t let you go further unless you pay another fee. Lots of additional for a fee swings and bird nest photo op areas all around the fields that take away from the beauty of what used to be a natural rice terraces. You have to hike down and further away from all the tourist traps to enjoy the fields and get some peace and quiet and enjoy the nature.

If you’re in the area passing by, it’s still worth checking out if it’s on your list but be aware that it might not be what you were hoping for. We enjoyed walking further away into the terraces but there are much better spots so I would not make an effort to go out of the way to see these ones unless you are looking for the swing photos.