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My family and friends visited the Tegallalang Rice Terrace today and we were not treated with respect by the staff there. Very rude and unprofessional behaviour was demonstrated by most of the staff and particularly this one man, seemingly the ‘manager.’ The manager behaved as if he owned the whole area including the streets and government owned property. We have visited Bali 5 times but this has been the worst experience so far. We asked for a refund due to our own needs as we didn’t visit the rice farms at all but the manager was not understanding or cooperative in any way. Rather, the manager showed attitude and ripped our tickets in front of us. The manager kept on saying this is my country, you follow my rules or else you leave. Would not recommend this place as the customer service is terrible. They cheated with us, took our money, ripped our tickets and we didn’t even visit the rice farms. All we received was pure disrespect.