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The coliving

I stayed for 1 month at the villas of Outpost Coliving Ubud which is only a few minutes away from the Coworking. Everything in the room was perfect. I’m an architect so I love details. There were a lot of them inside the room and the villas.
From the first day I arrived, I felt in love with it.

The villas are located in a quiet area, just a few minutes away by bike to the city center. A perfect place to stay, work and visit the city.

There are 4 villas with 2 apartments each and each villa has their own swiming pool. We had breakfast with all the Colivers at one of these villas. There was the cooking lady (the sweet Ati) who made us Balinese breakfast every day and we ate all together, and chat and knew each other better.
There was Ragu, the coliving coordinator who is there to help you with everything and make your living at Outpost Coliving, Ubud easy and enjoyable. He’s been there for everything I needed.

The Coworking

At the Coworking everyone is so sweet and smiley. I think I felt in love with all of them.
The Coworking it’s just the perfect place to work remotely. There is a spacious quiet room, there is another spacious not quiet room, there are some skype rooms. You can also work at the balcony or even at the swimming pool.
The internet is fast so there won’t be any problems with your work regarding the connection.
You can work a couple of hours at the Coworking and then go have some sunbathing or a swim at the pool as I usually did.
You can have breakfast, lunch or a snack at the cafe of Outpost (Green Window Cafe ).The food is healthy and sooo delicious there.

The overall experience

Before going to Bali I looked up for several coworking and coliving areas. I’m so glad I picked Outpost. It turned up to be the perfect place to stay and work.
It has the right amount of working and pleasure.
Every Thursday we had the Coworking launch, every Tuesday we had the Coliving dinner, every weekend there was an event like camping under the stars, trekking the volcanic Mount Batur etc.
And there are a lot of other activities taking place everyday at Outpost Coworking so it’s difficult to get bored. S, the event organiser is energetic and full of ideas and helps you even organise an event if you have sth on mind.
I met a lot of friends, we exchanged our experiences, our knowledge, we ‘stole’ from each other hobbies, we discovered new hobbies in ourselves.

During this month it happend to be my birthday. I was afraid I may have felt lonely because I was far from my family and friends but I didn’t . I was so touched when I found flowers over my desk from Outpost as a happy birthday gift and everyone at the Coworking was saying Happy Birthday to me and I also celebrated it with my new friends I found at Outpost, Ubud.
I had Bali in my bucket list for a long time. Since I can work remotely I choosed Outpost to go, live and work there while I visit Bali. I thought that after this month I would take Bali ‘away’ from my list as I usually do with every thing in that list. But because of Outpost I think I just added it permanently because I want to go again and I will go again…
The last day I went away I was feeling like breaking up from someone I love because I was happy there at Outpost Ubud, Bali. I rediscovered myself…
Thank you Outpost!
We’ll definitely meet again…very soon…